SPAR Partners

Our Story

SPAR Partners was born from a void in the printing industry. While European brands and creative departments were producing beautiful and imaginative designs, there were few places a domestic client could go to execute their concepts or translate their ideas into printed media. Enter SPAR Partners.

At SPAR we speak print (and English... and even a little French)!  We will speak to you in a way you will understand and guide you throughout the duration of your project.

Never afraid to take on a challenge or try a unique application, SPAR Partners is backed with years of experience, applying new materials and technology to produce unique and one-of-a-kind projects that keep people asking, "how did they do that?"  We hold ourselves to a higher standard--we ship a project believing that our name and reputation is in the box with our clients': if it isn't perfect, we won't send it.

If you have a project and we haven't yet met...  it's about time! Let SPAR Partners help raise your standards and exceed your expectations.

Allison Rothman